Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic in Lugano offers the benefits of aquatherapy, also known as hydrotherapy. Acquatic therapy is used to treat various ailments and allows the body to move more freely with less pain. Sessions are carried out one-on-one with our specialized therapists who enter the pool with the patient during each treatment.

Water rehabilitation is indicated for a broad number of orthopedic and traumatological ailments (ex. sprains, joint replacements or surgical interventions, back pain), rheumatological disorders (ex. gonarthrosis, coxatrosis), neurological and cardiological disorders. The unique properties of warm water can improve movement of stiff or swollen joints, provide relaxation, strengthen weak muscles and alleviate aches and pains. This treatment is ideal to improve and maintain the range of mobility and suitable for all ages, pregnant women, as well as for those who cannot swim or have never entered a swimming pool.

Acquatic therapy is recognized by all Swiss basic health insurance plans and is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am til 1pm at the Parco Maraini swimming pool (Via Massagno 32, 6900 Lugano). For further information, please contact us directly at +41 91 921 41 88, via our online contact form or  e-mail at info@kinetic-center.ch.


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